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For the People on June 19, 1964 was the day when Kim Jong Il started working on the Central Committee of the Workers Party of Korea

June 19, 1964 was the day when Kim Jong Il started working on the Central Committee of
the Workers Party of Korea. During the days of his leadership of the Party spanning nearly half
a century, he displayed his traits as a statesman faithful to the people.
His politics is politics oflove and trust, both in name and in reality.
The objective of politics is to bring love for the people into bloom; ardent love for and trust
in the people make them patriots and the revolution starts; socialist politics is, in essence,
benevolent politics-this is Kim Jong il's outlook on politics.
Kim Jong Il's love for the people reaches every corner of the country and is permeated in all
the wealth and creations. He pays deep attention to every item needed for people's living-
ranging from the basic condiment, like salt, to shoes, cosmetics, drinking water, fuel and
heating, not to mention foods. Wherever you go in Korea, you can easily find the working
places and families which Kim long II visited. You can hear the legend-like stories that tell of
his love for the people.
When Kim Jong Il visited the construction site of a power station several years ago, he said
to the officials there that he came there to take measures for the living conditions of the local
people to be removed from the inundation area rather than to acquaint himself with the progress
of the project. Then he instructed that they should, first of all, build dwelling houses for them
even though the project might be delayed, and that the houses to be built should be better than
the original ones. Afterwards, thousands of families moved to the new, fine houses furnished
with sufficient household goods.
Kim Jong Il finds his happiness in the people's well-being and spares nothing for the
people's lives and health.
In July 1994 when the whole country was shedding bitter tears over the death of President
Kim Il Sung, he ensured that a helicopter was mobilized for the triplets and their mother in a
remote area. When he saw a woman who had been burnt on the face and hands during her
service in the army, he took measures for sending her abroad for medical treatment.
When a town was drowned in an unprecedented flood, he sat up several nights in his office
and personally commanded the rescue operation, saying that there should be no loss of lives.
Under his command, the rescue operation was staged in a three-dimensional way-helicopters in
the sky, transport vessels and amphibious vehicles on the waters and transport units on the land.
Amidst the catastrophic calamity, the number of population of the city, far from being
decreased, increased as some women gave birth.
Kim Jong Il is the ·prototype of a people's leader who embodies utmost devotion to the
He regards it as his life mission and lofty cause to devote himself for benefit of the people,
and finds his greatest happiness in dedicating his all to the people's well-being. Kim Jong Il
works day and night, saying that though he works taking meals and sleep at irregular times, he
feels relieved of fatigue and his strength soaring when he hears the news that the people enjoy
happy life.
His devotion to the people finds a concentrated expression in his field guidance, his unique
way of leadership. He is always on the road of inspection tour; he would inspect several KPA
units, factories or cooperative farms in one day. He would be on the road of field guidance even
on holidays or days off, and relieve fatigue by catnap in his car.
It happened 'on the May Day of one year. The officials asked him to have a rest, saying that
it was a holiday. But he set off on his field inspection, saying to them that they should work
harder on holiday.
He usually asks the officials two questions-“Do the people like it?" when he is informed
that a state policy or measure has been put into effect, and "What will the people say?" when he

is informed of a thing done in a wrong way. These questions of a few words contain his outlook
on the people.
His trait as a thoroughgoing people's leader can be found in the fact that he had the slogan,
"Serve the people!" set as the major slogan of the ruling Party and government organs.
For these traits befitting a people's leader, Kim Jong Il was called the benevolent father by
the Korean people and enjoys their absolute and infinite trust and reverence.

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