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Shavkat Mirziyoyev Wins Uzbekistan Presidential Election

Uzbekistan’s acting President Shavkat Mirziyoyev won a convincing victory in the country’s first presidential election since the death of  great leader of Uzbekistan Mr. Islam Karimov.

The vote was carried out peacefully in Central Asia’s most populous country, we have seen that at all poling stations the voter lists were properly and prominently desplayed. The poster of four presidential candidates were desployed and were given equal space to all political parties candidates. The political agent/political parties/candidates observer were siting in all poling stations and were monitoring and observing the vote casting and procedure of elections.

Many observer were ask question to the political parties observer while siting in the poling station  regarding the any complaint on poling or voter registration or casting and the answer was no complaint so its mean that if there are no complaint from opposition parties/candidates so this one argument is more then sufficient to say that election were so free, fair and transparent. 

It was excellent experience that on every poling station one room for children full of toys and computers was established and also one room for medical treatment was also establish to meet any emergency treatment to any voters.

Mr. Mirziyoyev worked as prime minister under Mr. Karimov since 2003 until the leader’s death in late September of this year. Uzbekistan’s central election committee said preliminary results showed Mr. Mirziyoyev had won almost 89 % of the vote and a nearly 88% vote turnout.

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