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The Concept of Turkmenistan’s 2017 Energy Charter Conference Chairmanship

The Chairmanship of Turkmenistan in the Energy Charter Conference in 2017 will be based on fundamental international acts and will aim at developing further the interaction between all interested states and international organisations in the field of energy.
Wide and committed cooperation in the energy field is a key factor in the stable and onward march of world processes in the twenty-first century. The prospects of widening the international energy partnership, the principles, on the basis of which the modem architecture of the energy environment is created, its security and sustainability – all of this will largely define the general vector of global development in the long term.
Currently, one of the main challenges facing the international community in the context of implementing the international energy agenda is the development of new models designed to tum the multilateral energy dialogue into the driving force of global development on the basis of the balance of interests of all of its participants, responsible and careful attitude towards natural resources, the environment, taking into account the significant public demand oriented at fair distribution of the benefits brought about by energy sources and their use.
The most important challenge today is the provision of comprehensive and indivisible energy security covering both the energy production sector and energy transportation and final consumption. It is precisely this interdisciplinary approach that is at the heart of Turkmenistan’s energy policy and that defines the substance and the direction of our country’s proposals and practical actions in this field.
The initiatives concerning the guarantees of security and safety of energy supplies in the world markets developed by Turkmenistan are gaining further understanding in the world. This was evidenced by the unanimous support by the United Nations General Assembly of the Turkmen draft Resolutions of 2008 and 2013, which were co-authored by dozens of states of the world.
With all of the above in mind, during the course of its Chairmanship in the Conference in 2017, Turkmenistan intends to pay particular attention to the following priority areas of international activity in the energy field.
Point one. Currently, the development of an international energy strategy is based on the principles of multivariant energy flows, the widening of their geography, involvement of more and more countries interested in participating in international energy processes. These are objective trends in the geoeconomy, where it is precisely the diversification, availability of alternative sources of energy and energy supply routes that are the decisive factor in global energy security, sustainability of the whole system of world value chains, their guarantee against one-sidedness and structural deformations. Turkmenistan believes that this is the very core of sustainable energy.

Point two. Turkmenistan reserves a special role for the issues of energy efficiency and energy saving and believes that their discussion today should become a notable and organic part of the international energy dialogue. In this context, the objective requirement of the day should be the use of innovative technologies and governance methods when creating energy production and transit infrastructure.
At that, combining the objective economic interests, realities of international partnership with the necessity of a careful attitude towards natural resources and their efficient use is seen as a common task for all Energy Charter member states. Turkmenistan is ready for further expansion and intensifying of cooperation with states and international structures with the aim of minimising environmental risks during the production of energy resources, introduction of effective protection technologies in the production cycle, application of modern governance solutions.
Point three. Careful and forward-looking attitude towards the ecology, the preservation of the natural environment is another key component of the modern energy cycle. That is why the issues of renewable energy sources use are among the priority areas of international energy activities.
The respective adopted international documents have as their main goal the stage-by-stage deployment of renewable energy sources in the main areas of human activity, adoption of high standards of environmental safety at the practical level.
In this context, Turkmenistan intends to call on the member states within the framework of the Energy Charter Conference in 2017 to consider a wide set of issues related to the priority nature of the development of high-technology sectors of the economy, the creation of conditions for the development of “alternative green energy” as an important element of the economic infrastructure operation.
Point four. The safety and security of international energy flows, guarantees of operation of international energy carrying systems, degree of legal protection of energy supply routes become very timely today. The necessity of working out generally acceptable universal approaches to this problem, clear and unchanging principles of interrelations between suppliers, transit providers and consumers of energy resources becomes increasingly obvious. When forming its views on this subject, Turkmenistan draws on the firm belief that international energy transit should be conducted on an equal, fair basis, be economically and commercially feasible.
In this respect, Turkmenistan believes it necessary to intensify the work on preparing a multilateral Framework agreement on the issues of transit of energy resources.
Point five. The effective development of international cooperation in the field of energy greatly depends on the level and degree of intensity of investment activities.
In the course of its Chairmanship in the Conference, Turkmenistan will pay particular attention to the issues of placement of capital in the energy sector, raising

the efficiency of investment use, secure degree of its protection. At that, in order to study the international experience and application of world best practices in the field of investment, it is contemplated to hold special meetings and forums within the framework of the Energy Charter and structures working under its auspices.
Point six. The issues proposed for consideration during Turkmenistan’s Chairmanship in the Energy Charter Conference in 2017 are a set of the most important and timely topics and questions linked to the further development of international cooperation on sustainable energy issues.
On this basis, Turkmenistan will take all the necessary measures and actions on summarising the conclusions and recommendations of states, international structures, business sector representatives and the expert community in order to

present them in concentrated form in the concluding document of the 281


of the Energy Charter Conference.
Turkmenistan considers the implementation of the priorities listed above in close cooperation with the member states of the Energy Charter, its Secretariat and the Secretary General.

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