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Turkmenistan’s Presidential Election will be held on 12 February, 2017

Turkmenistan is a “Democratic Country” where elections are conducted on regular basis according to provisions of “Constitution”. It is a multiparty democracy. It has Presidential form of democracy in which different political parties freely participate in all elections. Turkmenistan has rich history and traditions of “politicization and democratization”.

Its democracy is functional, strong, stable and sustainable where basic “Human Rights” of the people are the foremost duty of the “State”. It has a dynamic “Constitution” by which rule of the law has been institutionalized. Its democracy stands for social welfare, respect for individual, protection of human rights, equality, tranquility and above all social justice, because no one is above the law.

 Functional Democracy

“Its democracy stands for services where provision of basic necessities of life namely education, medication, shelter and clean drinking water is the duty of the state and totally free. Its democracy stands for freedom of association, affiliation with equal playground for any business activity. Its democracy upholds the traditions of political accommodation not political revenge or vendetta. Its democracy sustains the spirits of cooperation and coordination and not conspiracies and contradictions as a common political tool for survival in most of the countries of Asia, Africa, Latina America and even Europe. Its democracy supports the culture of tolerance and interfaith harmony and protects the rights of weaker factions of the society as well as minorities. Its democracy strengthens its socio-economic development”.

 Immaculate Political Stability   

Due to its rich democratic traditions, it never experienced any “constitutional deadlock”, political ambiguity, controversy and above all derailing of the system. Its democracy precisely stands for transparency, accountability, prosperity, enlightenment, people and business friendly policies and the last but not the least, protection of national sovereignty, dignity, pride and patriotism.

According to the Turkmenistan’s Central Commission for Elections and Referendums, Presidential Election will be held in the Republic of Turkmenistan on February 12, 2017. As per new amendments of the Constitution, Turkmenistan President is now elected for a period of seven years.

The Central Electoral Committee has already adopted the schedule of events and necessary documents for optimization of the electoral campaign. Because every vote matters, 2582 polling centres have been established. 39 polling centres have also been established at foreign diplomatic missions of Turkmenistan.

According to this Code, the “candidate for President of Turkmenistan has to be a citizen, who was born in Turkmenistan, not younger than 40 years old, speaking the State language and who lived and worked in the country during previous 15 years”.

Its central election commission is independent organ of the State which arranges the elections in fair and free manners by caring all modern democratic concepts of equality, rule of the law and constitution provisions among candidates/political parties. It has a successful “Model of Democracy” in the region and the world.

Election is the “Bible of Modern Democracy” which has been held in Turkmenistan on regular basis since its inception. All elections are held on international standards of impartiality, and transparency in the country. According to Article 6 of its Constitution, State power in Turkmenistan shall be divided in the legislative, executive and judicial branches; they shall operate independently, balancing each other” 

Political campaigning continues. Turkmenistan’s Central Election Commission has registered nine presidential candidates, who were nominated by political parties and initiative groups of citizens. Turkmenistan’s three political parties Democratic Party, Agrarian Party, Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs participate in the presidential elections. H.E. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has been elected twice as the country’s president. During the presidential election in 2012, 97.4 percent of voters cast their ballots for Berdimuhamedov.

It is hoped that the Presidential Election 2017 will further showcase, Turkmenistan’s democratic spirits at large which will contribute to the growth of social and political activity and maturity of its people.

Every political party has its own manifesto and future plans to attract and convince voters to vote for its nominated and registered presidential candidate in the Presidential Election. Voters are completely free to vote and their “Free Will” is counted, documented and ultimately respected in each election in Turkmenistan. Voting is a “National Duty” which every eligible voter honors in every election in the country.

It has many effective laws on political parties and “Law on Political Parties (2012)” is the prime example. It has “Multi-Party” democracy system in which President is elected through a “Direct Vote” as commonly practiced in most of the modern democracies of the world i.e. USA, Russia, Brazil, Thailand etc. It has “universal suffrage” with over the age “18 years” for an eligible voter.

It has unicameral Parliament/National Assembly or Mejlis which is the mother of modern democracy with 125 seats; members directly elected in multi-seat constituencies by absolute majority vote in two rounds if needed.

There are so many International Observers in the country who are free to monitor the procedures, policies, laws and arrangements of Presidential Election in Turkmenistan. There is concept of “Pre & Post Election Engineered Rigging” in Turkmenistan as commonly prevalent in most of the countries of South East Asia, Latin America and Africa. It reconfirms its government’s strong political will towards holding a fair, free and transparent election in the country.

Presidential Elections 2017 is going to hold under conditions of new political reality and improved legal framework. Three political parties, namely the Democratic, the Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and Agrarian parties, participate in Presidential election for the first time in Turkmenistan.  The “Law in the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan” guarantees fair, free and transparence elections in the country from top to bottom. It was promulgated in 2013 and institutionalized in accordance with general international standards.

It assures that the right for nomination of the candidates belongs to political parties as well as to the initiative groups of the citizens. It encourages further politicization and subsequently, the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan was established in 1991, the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in August, 2012 and the Agrarian Party in September, 2014.

Establishment of multiparty system is a value addition for its Presidential form of governance. It enhances a crucial political alternative. It adds new ideas of delivery, execution and political pluralism. It consolidates political stability and sustainability. It widens better political choice and option of the people to elect their president in a fair, free and transparent manner. Moreover, it strengthens the spirits of a political competition and democratic institutions in the country and Turkmenistan’s political system is productive, progressive and people’s friendly where people through their free voting patterns elect their representatives including the President.

All three political parties nominated the candidates for the slot of the President of Turkmenistan. The Democratic Party nominated the candidacy of the existing Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov; the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs elected Board Director of “Rysgal” Joint Stock Commercial Bank Begmyrat Atalyev; the Agrarian Party selected Durdygylych Orazov, the Chairman of Mary Velayat Committee.

Initiative groups of the citizens play an important role in Turkmenistan. Initiative groups believe in participatory development, capacity building, massive socio-economic development and above all alternativeness. In Turkmenistan six Initiative groups have been formed during the ongoing election campaign for the Presidential Elections 2017.

They nominated Maksat Annanepesov, the Deputy Chairman of the State Association of Food Industry of Turkmenistan, Jumanazar Annayev, the Deputy Hyakim of Mary Velayat, Ramazan Durdiyev, the Director of Seydi Refinery, Meretdurdy Gurbanov, deputy Hyakim of Dashoguz Velayat, Serdar Jelilov, the director of the Head Department of Economy and Development of Ahal Velayat; Suleymannepes Nurnepesov, General Director of Production Association “Karabogazsulphat” for Presidential Elections 2017.

Their nominations clearly show true democratic traditions of its dynamic political system. Most of them are from corporate world which reconfirms that political stability is must for macro-economic sustainability. Its “Model of Initiative Group” is the replica of “Japanese Political System” where majority of the candidates for premiership are from business community/sector.  During current election campaign, all six initiative groups gathered required number of signatures what showcases high standards of its civility, political maturity, grassroots political participation and political understanding among the general masses.

The Central Electoral Committee has already adopted the schedule of events and necessary documents for optimization of the electoral campaign. Because every vote matters, 2582 polling centres have been established. 39 polling centres have also bee established at foreign diplomatic missions of Turkmenistan.

Moreover, experts of the Central Electoral Committee regularly visit different etraps and velayats and arrange training seminars for the members of local electoral committees. Central Commission for Elections and Referenda of Turkmenistan also launches a website: saylav.gov.tm. It provides as easy access to the legislative acts and news items relating to Presidential Elections 2017. The Election Code of Turkmenistan is highlighted under the section “Legislation”, the section “Library” presents the comments to the legislative specifics of the national election system, the guidelines for the election commissions in Ashgabat and regions of the country as well as the samples of blanks.

It is very informative and interactive. It keeps highest standards of professionalism, transparency and above all openness. It further strengthens spirits of transparency in the ongoing political campaigns of the different political parties. It ensures elements of imparity and neutrality of part of the State and its other important organs.

It plays an important role in achieving highest standards of fair, free and transparent elections during the Presidential Elections 2017.  Information is available in the three languages Turkmen, Russian and English. The documents can be downloaded in pdf format.

Concluding Remarks  

 The Republic of Turkmenistan is true democratic country where Parliament and People are supreme. It is a democratic country where political change is achieved through regular elections which are conducted in fair, free and transparent manners. It is democratic country which cares about its people and not profits. The Presidential Election 2017 will further strengthen its national drive of palatalization and democratization in the country.

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