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While addressing to Oliy Majlis the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan H.E. Shavkat Mirziyoyev
introduced new “manga carta” for the further socio-economic development of Uzbekistan. He
enlightened the audience about his recently announced socio-economic reforms. President Mirziyoyev
has initiated the Strategy for the Further Development of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021. It is indeed a blue
print of its socio-economic development in the next five years.
Great Visionary
Being a visionary, H.E. Shavkat Mirziyoyev highlighted five principles i.e. improvement of state
construction, economic liberalization, development of the social sphere and implementation of active
foreign policy during his extraordinary speech. He also spoke about its status of implementation and
strategic importance for achieving the desired goals of socio-economic prosperity, further politicization,
democratization, greater attraction of FDIs, and the last but not the least people and business friendly
bureaucracy in the country. Now its macro-economy is more stable and sustainable.
It has attractive more inflows of foreign direct investments. It has initiated rigorous commercial
diplomacy due to which Uzbekistan has succeeded to achieve more and more regional investments, joint
ventures and cooperation in diversified fields of economy and human survival.
Massive Reforms
New reforms of tourism have already revolutionized its sector. National currency has already been
liberalized due to which it is now directly pegged to international currencies. National drive of massive
industrialization has been re-activated and one hundred and sixty one large industrial enterprises have
been commissioned in the country during 2017.
Human Economist
Being a human economist, President Mirziyoyev shared his new national strategy 2017-2021which has
multiplier effects. Now administration has become more productive and interactive. National drives of
diversification of resources and productive channels have been further accelerated. President Shavkat
Mirziyoyev also spoke about state program of “The Year of Dialogue with the People and Human
Interests”. It has indeed revolutionized the concept of Uzbek statehood, official authority, transparency,
accountability and efficacy of horizontal and vertical hierarchy. Beauty of this new system is that now
“from top to bottom” everybody is answerable and accountable.
Great Connectivity & Greater Politicization
Now, Uzbekistan is more opened, connected, interactive and progressive and its future socio-economic
prospects are also very bright. The People’s Reception offices and the Virtual Reception Office of the
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan have enhanced common people’s democratic rights. During 2017
over 1.5 million citizens appealed to these reception offices which were rectified which showed President
Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s strong political will for the betterment of his people at large.
During his excellent speech President Shavkat Mirziyoye narrated different laws, decrees and resolutions
for the further regulation of its macro-economy, judiciary, administration, political domain and foreign
policy. He also highlighted Uzbekistan’s drive of diversification of energy and development of
renewables in the country due to which many new mega projects have been commissioned. He rightly

announced acceptable rate of GDP during 2017 i.e. 5.5 percent. Moreover, exports increased by 15
percent and surplus of foreign trade reached 854 million US dollars.
Experienced Industrialist
As an experienced industrialist, President Mirziyoyev upheld the strategic importance of free economic
zones which play very important role in massive industrialization and joint ventures due to which its
development has been one of the key priorities of Uzbekistan government. 12 free economic and 45
industrial zones have been launched in the country during 2017 which has further enhanced its industrial
basis. Job creation has been one of the main problems in the world due to which President Mirziyoyev
has institutionalized five new principles of socio-economic development.
Job Creation 2017
Job creation in 2017, over 336,000 new jobs were created by means of constructing new industrial
enterprises, commissioning of service establishments, developing small business and private
entrepreneurship. Comprehensive development in construction of affordable housing was also discussed
in his remarkable speech.
True Lover of Nature
As true lover of nature and natural resources the President Mirziyoyev termed climate change a global
threat for which Uzbekistan has been strong advocator of its control. He precisely pinpointed
Uzbekistan’s stance about it. The Uzbek government initiated many measures to improve the
environmental situation in the Aral Sea region. The Foundation for the Development of the Aral Sea
Region was established under the Ministry of Finance and funds in the amount of over 200 billion soums
were channeled to this Foundation.
Great Educationist
As an educationist, President Mirziyoyev also shared government’s different policies and programs and
their current status of implementation about education i.e. primary, secondary, higher and the last but not
the least technical in the country. The Ministry of Pre-school Education was established which is now
achieving wonders in the country. Uzbekistan is the icon of creativity and human wisdom owing to which
for its further development “Ilkhom” Social Fund for the Support of Creative People of Uzbekistan, as
well “Friends’ Clubs” of cultural and art associations with large companies and banks.
Guru of Diplomacy
Being a guru of diplomacy, President Mirziyoyev also highlighted his government successes in the field
of diplomacy, dialogue and foreign policy wherein “Central Asia is the main priority in foreign policy of
Uzbekistan”. Conflict resolution has been further institutionalized. Regional cooperation was remained
one of the main actors of its foreign policy.
Strategic Partnership
Strategic partnership with Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan as further strengthened. Commercial diplomacy
was the main contributor during 2017 due to which bilateral relations and economic ties were further
developed with Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Lots of meaningful MOUs and agreements were inked with
many regional countries.
Innovative Personality

As an innovative person President Mirziyoyev also proposed 2018 “Year of support of proactive
entrepreneurship, innovative ideas and technologies” and labeled proactive entrepreneurship must for
further development of modern ways and means to achieve the desired goals of smarter economy and
governance in the country. Ministry of Innovative Development was also established.
Political Scientist
As a political scientist, he rated further politicization and democratization and empowerment of Oliy
Majlis must for Uzbekistan. A single Electoral Code was also announced and implemented. President
rightly announced right steps in right direction for achieving the right levels of decentralization in the
Experienced Jurist
As an experienced jurist President also briefed about priority areas for ensuring the rule of law and
further reforming judicial and legal system wherein the Supreme Council of Judges was established.
President considered creating a Commission for the support of independence of the judiciary under the
Oliy Majlis. He desired to adopt and implement the Concept of improvement of criminal and criminal-
procedural legislation for 2018-2021.
Priority Directions
Priority directions of economic development and liberalization were shared wherein Uzbekistan role in
the development of Silk Road and One Road One Belt was also highlighted. Different aspects of macro-
economy and its implementation status were also discussed. Social development has been one the main
principle of Uzbekistan economic model. Security, inter-ethnic accord and religious tolerance, as well as
priorities in foreign policy were also shared by President.
Uzbekistan’s future socio-economic development, political stability, sustained democratization, massive
industrialization, diversification of economy and productive channels, maintenance of social justice, and
the last but not the least, people’s friendly policies will rest on its genuine persuasion of its national
strategy of development 2017-2021 due to which H.E. Shavkat Mirziyoyev as pure strategist and genuine
leader shared his policies and programs to get it achieved during next 5 years.

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