On the 6th of February 2021, the leadership of Turkmen foreign ministry met
with the delegation of Political Office of Taliban movement headed by
Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in the MFA of Turkmenistan.
During constructive negotiations, the parties have underlined the importance
of establishing and maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan.
In this regard, it has been noted that Turkmenistan has given significant
support for Afghan people, contributed to the development of Afghan
economy, primarily strategically important fields such as energy, transport,
connectivity and communications.
The significant projects in the aforementioned fields are “Turkmenistan-
Afghanistan-Pakistan-India” pipeline, high voltage electric power
transmission line, fiber-optic connection along “Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-
Pakistan” route, as well as railways connecting Turkmenistan and
The delegation of Political Office of Taliban movement expressed full
support to the implementation of above-mentioned infrastructure projects
aimed at ensuring well-being and prosperity for Afghan people.
The representatives of Afghan delegation made a statement to the press and
answered questions from journalists after the negotiations.
Further, full text of press statement by the delegation of Political Office

of Taliban movement is published.

«Dear Mass Media Representatives!
First of all, let me welcome you today at the press conference and introduce
myself. My name is Mohammad Suhail Shaheen, I am member of the
Political Office and Negotiations Team of the Islamic Emirate of
On behalf of the IEA Political Office, I would like to express my gratitude to
the Turkmen side for the invitation to visit Turkmenistan and for warm
Yesterday, as part of our visit, we visited two mosques and acquainted with
the ancient religious sites and cultural traditions of the Turkmen people.
Today, here, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, we held
talks in an open and friendly atmosphere with His Excellency Rashid

Meredov, Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan and Deputy Prime Minister and
his delegation, during which we gave a positive assessment of the policy of
neutral Turkmenistan towards Afghanistan and the long-term political and
economic support to Afghanistan that neighboring Turkmenistan is
providing, provided and will provide.
Turkmenistan, as a Muslim, neighboring, neutral state, has been taking
initiatives for a number of years aimed at establishing peace and development
in Afghanistan.
The implementation of infrastructure projects in Afghanistan initiated by
Turkmenistan deserves special attention and assessment. There is no doubt
that the early start of construction of projects such as TAPI, TAP and
railways from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan will contribute to the
achievement of prosperity and economic development in Afghanistan. On the
one hand, while we are struggling to gain independence of our country,
meanwhile, we are trying to contribute to prosperity of our people and
development of our country by providing protection to all national projects in
the country.
In this regard, as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, we declare our full
support for the implementation and security of TAPI and other
developmental projects in our country.
I thank you for your attention!”