Turkmenistan has sent a humanitarian aid to Afghanistan
Today, On December 14, a humanitarian cargo of food, textile and
household goods, as well as oil products was delivered from
Turkmenistan to neighboring Afghanistan.
As is known, during the extended meeting of the Government on
December 10 of this year, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly
Berdimuhamedov has signed the Order on sending humanitarian aid to
Afghanistan. This document was signed «with a view to assist
neighboring Afghanistan on a systematic and regular basis and to
provide an all-round support in economic, social and humanitarian
spheres» the Order says.
In accordance with the document, today, Turkmen side provided
humanitarian aid to the brotherly Afghan people, which consists of
1,200 tons of various goods, in particular, textile products, food
products, as well as 20 rail tankers of oil products made in
The present ceremony of delivery of the humanitarian aid was
attended by a representative delegation from Turkmenistan. From the
Afghan side, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan
Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, Governor of Herat Province Noor Ahmad
Islamjar and other high-ranking officials from various Afghan agencies
attended the ceremony.
It is important to note that neutral Turkmenistan systematically
provides comprehensive support for the social and economic revival of
the neighboring country, and has always advocated a position to resolve
the situation in Afghanistan solely by peaceful political and diplomatic
After the end of the ceremony of the humanitarian aid, the sadakas
had been given in the new mosque of the town Aqina which was built
with the assistance of the Turkmen side and in the township of