Dear Guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen! On 1st of December 2021 we celebrate the 103 years since the realization of our Great Union. One hundred and three years back, the century long ideal of national unity has been achieved, building the foundation of the modern Romanian state. The anniversary of the Great Union has given us the opportunity to honour the memory of the sacrifices made for laying the foundation of new Romania which ultimately placed us in the midst of great European family. The end of the First World War and the armistice concluded in 1918, represents a crucial moment in the history of mankind causing deep changes both in international relations, and at socio-cultural level. Like every year on this occasion I would like to emphasise that we, in Romania and in Europe, will always remember that 1,1 million soldiers from the subcontinent had fought courageously and heroically in different battle fields of the WWI and 60.000 of them, mostly from today Pakistani Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, had paid the ultimate price in defending the ideals of peace, freedom, liberty, dignity, democracy and fundamental human rights. Today we pay tribute and honour them as much as we honour our heroes! More than 100 years after the Great Union, Romania reaffirms its attachment to the principles of international law, promotion of mutual respect and good understanding, to dialogue and to multiculturalism, values that are the basis of its international profile and external action. Today, Romania is a security provider and enjoys unprecedented development, security and welfare. Our collective duty is to protect these values and secure them in the medium and long term, as well to prepare for challenges ahead. The key word of the Romanian European policy is union and with this call to unity we successfully exercised two years back our first ever mandate at the Presidency of the EU Council. Romania takes every possible opportunity to show that our profound European vocation is bringing a tangible contribution to a powerful, credible and inclusive Europe. We are attaching a great value to the idea of cohesion, a common European value, reflecting the imperious need for unity and cooperation among the EU Member States, as well as the need for more economic, social and territorial cohesion as enshrined in the EU Treaties. The anniversary of the Great Union is a good reminder and an incentive towards Romania pleading for more unity at the European level. As a responsible member of the European Union, we fully proved our capacity to build consensus and find efficient and viable solutions for our common European future.