Enthusiastic participation of Iranians in elections role model for other countries: Envoy
Enthusiastic participation of Iranians in elections role model for other countries: Envoy
Islamabad, June 18, IRNA — The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran says the enthusiastic participation of the Iranian nation in the 13th presidential elections is a role model for other countries and nations seeking a healthy democracy.

In an interview with IRNA on Friday Mohammad Ali Hosseini said the system of government in Iran is based on democracy driven from Islamic principles.

He said 18 June is actually the day of democracy in Iran.

He stated that since the victory of the glorious Islamic Revolution in Iran, the nation has shown a glorious turnout in all elections is a bid to determine the fate of the country with their votes.

The ambassador noted that the great nation of Iran despite threats and the wave of negative propaganda spread by the enemies has always shown its historical presence in the elections.

He added the glorious presence of the Iranian nation and expatriates living abroad, in fact, can enhance the political, regional and international status of the Islamic Republic.

“Therefore, the presence of each person at the ballot box will be very important and will have a decisive impact,” he pointed out.

Hosseini said the people of Iran, with their direct votes elect the government according to the constitution.


Enthusiastic participation of Iranians in elections role model for other countries: Envoy

“They elect their governments and representatives in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the Assembly of Experts and the city council thus play a vital role in the destiny of the country, and this can be a good example for other countries in the region and other nations that seek a healthy democracy,” he said.

Regarding the holding of presidential elections in Pakistan, the ambassador said according to the instructions received from Tehran, the necessary arrangements have been made to hold a passionate election with the presence of all Iranians living in Pakistan.

Hosseini said necessary coordination has been done with the officials of the host country and the election process is going on without any problems in a smooth manner.

The Iranian ambassador to Pakistan hoped to see a passionate election not only in Pakistan but also in other countries also.

According to official statistics, out of over 59 million Iranians who are eligible to vote in the 2021 presidential election, over 1.3 million Iranians will be voting for the first time.

Iran’s 13th presidential election is being held simultaneously with the sixth round of municipal council elections for the cities and villages, the first mid-term for the 11th round of parliamentary by-election, and the second mid-term for the fifth round of the Assembly of Experts’ election.